Sunday, March 28, 2010

Cash4Gold: The deception continues

Now Cash4Gold has a new pitch (see my earlier indictment of their advertising here). They're offering a $50 "bonus" to anyone who sends in their old jewelry for a cash payment. A bonus over what? They don't tell you how they appraise the jewelry they receive. It seems very unlikely that they've actually changed the relationship between the amounts they pay and the prices of the precious metals they harvest. Rather, they've probably just decided to call the last $50 of each payment a "bonus", hoping that people who were on the fence about sending in their jewelry will now do so. Cynical.

1 comment:

  1. I totally agree - these guys are scammers!!
    With all the bad press these guys are getting - I don't know why ANYONE would still send their precious items to them! It's crazy! There are so many other buyers out there nowadays - that the seller now has options! Find a reputable company instead. I recommend the Silver and Gold Exchange. They pd the highest, have a perfect rating with the BBB and are very professional. I think they're great - unlike these other scammers.