Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Cisco Systems: What if the MAYOR is a fake?

If you've read my previous post, then you already know that I'm concerned about people posing as experts and endorsing products. Add another category of deliberate deception: people posing as authority figures and endorsing products. Cisco Systems is running a television ad in which the actress Ellen Page supposedly returns to her hometown of Lunenberg, Nova Scotia. The "mayor" greets her and enthusiastically shows her the small town's new police department, which consists of a room with one officer and a Cisco-supplied system of electronic surveillance.

The problem is, he's not really the mayor. The real mayor of Lunenberg is the Rev. Lawrence Mawhinney, a Presbyterian minister who has worn the mayoral hat since 1979. So, does the real mayor actually endorse Cisco's products? Does he know that a younger, bald man is impersonating him on American television? Does Lunenberg even have a high-tech surveillance system made by Cisco?

Your guess is as good as mine. However, I did find out that Lunenberg does not have its own police department. The city relies on the Mounties instead.

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